Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Truth About Valentine's Day (2/14/18)

As my Valentine's Day gradually comes to a close, I get cosy on the couch in my living room and think about the different aspects of the holiday. Some people are celebrating their romantic relationship and the attributes they love about that certain someone, some people are waving their S.A.D. banners, proclaiming their completeness (albeit without a romantic partner) to the skies, and some people are ignoring the holiday altogether or coupling it with smearing ashes on their forehead for Ash Wednesday.

My day wasn't really any of those in particular; I went to college in the afternoon for my class as I always do on Wednesdays, I made dinner (which was a bit unusual), and drove to church for Wednesday night Bible study with my sister. On the surface, it looked like any other day in my life.

But if you look closer, and you look for the little things, you'll find them easily: my mom and two younger sisters made us healthy cinnamon rolls this morning, two of my other sisters did the laundry, my mom wrote each of us a little note, describing some of the things she loves about us most and assuring us that we will always have that love. There are others, and I could continue to list them, but I'll leave it with that short, heartfelt list.

As a teenage girl surrounded by couples that hold hands and laugh together, it's hard sometimes. I won't lie, there are times when I wish I was part of a relationship like that - but it's always fleeting. It's always a temporary wish that flees fast away when I think about everything God has me doing right now and all the things I want to do and be a part of someday. I have a dream of being in a relationship with someone special someday, but it's nothing like a Hallmark movie relationship - and I wouldn't want it to be! They're always so cheesy and superficial and fake. The couples that are on those shows would never last. God's is a love that lasts, and never wavers. My family's is the love that will follow me, no matter how far I go from home.

It's not about wishing for something you don't have, it's about appreciating what you do. It's about remembering and being grateful for the people you love and that love you, too. It's the little kindnesses, like homemade cinnamon rolls and handwritten notes, and the ones that go unseen and unappreciated, like the grace that we are given and the patience we are shown.

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