Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Butterfly Crosswalk

My little blog has suffered sadly lately, but I've felt like I had nothing to write (or was very reluctant to write about the few subjects I considered) - so today I just opened up a new draft and started something new. When I wrote this tonight, I was unconsciously writing it with the Iron Curtain in mind - of Christians in what was then the country of Czechoslovakia, but is now divided into two countries (Czech Republic and Slovakia). They took hands in a line, in defiance of what could be called socialistic slavery - and suffered for their nonviolent stand for what they believed.
This is kind of a new stage for me in my life, and my future posts might reflect that a bit. I'm thinking more... asking more questions, wondering about more in my life. I'm growing up. And I've finally, truly realized that and am trying to act like it.

The Butterfly Crosswalk
Hands clasped in united purpose,
Heads bent together in prayer,
Many gathered, even more in thoughts
Here stand we at the Butterfly Crosswalk.

Believe ye not that we are an illusion,
In delusion, believing wrongly in confusion:
All we say is true - this Love is our revolution
And we'll speak His name despite your retribution.

Bound together through our faith,
We care not for probable disgrace
Our misplacement in this world is simply fraught
With enemies here at this Butterfly Crosswalk.

Enraged by words, they rush at us
Furious at kindness, they come at us
They are armed - we are innocent -
Hand-in-hand, trusting He who is our defense.

And so we are left here, desolate
And yet not without our Hope, our King
Although they have beaten us into naught
This is only our Butterfly Crosswalk.

Simply a road, not our home -
Only a passing-through, not our stay
We've been called to go on ahead
Death is just the beginning of a glorious end.