Monday, November 21, 2016

I Want to Live Like That (11/21/16)

I love reading fiction, particularly stories that can make me feel something. Conviction, compassion, hope - these are just a few that come to mind. 

My favorite author is Charles Dickens; he writes stories with humour and romance and action and satire, all bound up and woven together into a masterpiece. He was a master of his trade, and in every story (at least, all of the ones I've read), there was some lesson, some problem that needing fixing in society. I love how he used his gift to not only entertain people with his imaginative storytelling, but also to help people. His books truly make me feel something, without fail.

Recently, I finished the book David Copperfield and absolutely loved it (which was no surprise, seeing as I haven't disliked any of his works thus far 😉). The character that really stuck out to me the most, besides the namesake and hero, was Agnes Wickfield. Throughout Copperfield's adolescent years, she is a sort of guiding-light for him, a beam of truth and goodness that shines in his life, and he recognizes and treasures it. Their relationship is that of a brother and sister and it is so precious. When he first meets her, she stands at the top of a staircase and a light is shining from a window on her, and in his mind he thinks of her as of a stained-glass window: without fault or blemish, only good and true, someone precious and pure, something rare. And I realised something, early on.

I want to be someones' Agnes Wickfield.

Not in a romantic way at all. I want to be the person that people can turn to in their troubles, like struggling sailboats in a gale turning to the lighthouse on the shore. Someone that people know they can trust to confide in and receive good, godly counsel. I want to be the kind of person that reserves their judgement until they are sure of the truth, and does not hesitate to forgive those who have done them harm. A godly woman who never doubts the goodness of God, who never falters on His path, who abhors evil and chases after the good and pure. Utterly selfless, ever focused on others and what can be done for them. There's a tranquility about her, this Miss Wickfield, and I should like very much to have the same heart as she.

Take that, Mr. Gradgrind of Coketown, you hater of all things "fanciful" and fictional! 😜

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