Monday, July 4, 2016

Florida Vacation! (7/4/16)

We are on the third day of our first-ever, week-long family vacation in Florida and so far it's been AMAZING!!! The first day was pretty laid-back (we were still recuperating from the really long trip down here), but we did go swimming in the hotel pool and mess around in our rooms. I snuggled up with Josiah and we watched Beauty and the Beast (which we brought with us, along with Tangled and a few other cartoons) that evening and it was all very nice and cozy.

Yesterday we went to the Serpentarium, where we saw tons of snakes and other creatures. We saw them demonstrate how they get the venom out of poisonous snakes, and then afterward we got to hold a milk snake. Josiah was giggling the whole time, and everyone was laughing at him. It was great.
The cobra was pretty ferocious, though. He did NOT want to go on the table, and he kept trying to jump out of the box they had him in. Josiah was in awe. XD

There were a bunch of different kinds of turtles in a big enclosure; some were big, some were small, and some were downright ENORMOUS. Well, just one was enormous. It was an alligator snapping turtle and he just resided at the bottom of the water (which was shallow and clear enough to see through). There was a dispensing machine (like the kind that holds candy and bubble gum) and it had turtle food for a quarter, so I got to throw turtle food to the turtles! It was so cool and so peaceful. I loved it. There was one little guy that had it's head halfway in his shell the whole time, but he wanted some food, too. Sensing a fellow introvert, I felt sorry for him and tried several different times to throw him a pellet, only to have a bigger fellow push him under and out of the way and snap it up for themselves. After maybe 20 different attempts, I finally succeeded in feeding him a pellet, and I think we were both a little relieved when he finally got one. :)

That afternoon, Josiah and Anna and I hung out on the bed that Anna and I are sharing; Josiah and I snuggled and cuddled and talked about silly things like how Josiah thought he should be the Beast in B&tB and at first he though I should be Mrs. Potts. After Anna and I laughed about that for a little bit, he said sheepishly, "Well, I guess you could be Belle."

"Who am I?" Anna asked.

He thought about it for a minute, then replied offhandedly. "You're the mop." XD

Then he said when he had kids, he would name them John, Jonathon, another John, and David.

Today we went for a ride in a helicopter and afterward we went to the Museum of Military History, which was really cool and very befitting, seeing that today is the 4th of July. It gave me a fresh resolve to work harder in CAP and to represent those in service well (even though it's a cadet program, and not truly in the military). I realized there were a majority of improvements that I could easily make in my efforts, and that excellence is something to truly strive for.
As we were leaving, we saw a variety of brochures in a rack and they had CAP ones, too. :)

I'll try to write more later this week, possibly tomorrow or the day after that. It's really been incredible so far and I'm so blessed to have been able to come on a vacation with my family this summer. :)

P.S. My dad saw me blogging and said to put in a good word for him. "Bibliophile"
There. That's a good word.


  1. That is definitely a good word, it describes you as well ☺️. Jo is the cutest thing. I crack up whenever I talk to him. ☺️

    1. Oh, well thank you! Jo really is hilarious sometimes. XD

  2. A good piece of writing. Keep up the good work and you will keep blessing people. Enjoy your vacation and remember the rest of us northern folks.Proud of you. WP

    1. Thank you so much!!! It means so much coming from you. :)