Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Book Girl, Part 4 (6/30/16)

I read the note again, trying to mark every detail and hope that one of them was important.

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Over the hills and through the woods,
To Grandmother's house I go;
Stick to the path, avoid the wolves
That try to trick me so.
Wear my red cape, it will keep me safe
From those who wish me harm:
An elderly woman in a sweet place
With mousies that nibble and charm.
Not all is as it seems, you see,
Not all that is sweet is good;
Beware the birds that steal your crumbs,
And the one who abides deep in the woods.

I checked the book's title: Assorted Works of the Brothers Grimm. It was a rather ragged copy, appeared to have been published in the previous century, and had some tea stains on a few pages. It had obvious been the property of a bibliophile previously. I didn't think that Barnes and Nobles sold second-hand books.

Cindy was still pretty close by, so I walked over to her and asked where the book came from.

"It was Bel- it belonged to the girl who left the notes and made the treasure hunt."

I checked one of the first notes. "Bella Travers?"

Cindy's face cleared a little when she realized she didn't have to worry about hiding Bella's name. "Aye, she's the one. She asked to leave it here for the treasure hunt and I saw no problem with it, and even after she changed her mind about using that clue, she thought she'd leave it behind for the seeker. You, I guess."

A thought came to me. "Wait... will this clue even work? Like, is it..."

"Relevant?" She asked. I nodded. Cindy thought about it for a minute, then shrugged.

"I think so; she wasn't very clear, but I think she just substituted it for another because she thought the other one was better, but I think they both lead to the same thing."

"But the other one was talking about Alice in Wonderland, and this one is talking about..." I read through it again. "Little Red Riding Hood."

She took it from my hand and read through it silently, only mouthing the words. There was a slight smirk on her face when she finished. 

"Is Red Riding Hood the only fairy tale it mentions?"

As I read through it again, she smiled.

"I think not."   

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