Saturday, June 11, 2016

Poems (6/11/16)

I thought I would post some of the poems I've written in the last couple of months and see what you all think. I've been writing them a lot more lately, and several of my friends really liked it when I posted one on Google+ (the last one), so I thought I would share it again with all of you, along with another writing tidbit. Let me know if you like them and would like to see more (I have a whole 16 pages of them, at least!).

(5/3/16, Amber Skies)
I know I have not much experience with knowledge,
Nor do I expect to gain such wisdom overnight;
For such precious gifts are God-endowed
And by his gracious will bestowed.

But I do pray that I shall gain experience, at least,
And learn from my mistakes,
I hope to one day be known as one
Who notices every chance that she might take.

To weigh the risks and count the cost;
Will it be worth it in the end?
So many questions, and not much time,
If it’s really a mistake, is it the sort that mends?

The birds and beast worry not over such unneeded haste
And so, with no more time to waste,
The birds take flight
With golden wings streaking into amber skies.

(6/8/16, Rising Stars)
Ah! The folly of such inconsequential thoughts
Spent in time that will soon be long forgot
And soliloquies that simply have no say
In anything we do, in any life we’ve lived, in any path we’ve paved.

Oh! What fools that we all are
To suppose that wishing on each proverbial star
Might shine a light on each cold and lonesome heart
And as certain ‘tis as sure, they will as quickly part.

Ay! To think that every word we’ve ever said
Won’t be recorded, nor pathways we will tread
Will ever be remembered, and those that we have led
Are now inspired to lead others, though none of us know anything outside of our own heads.

But surely, this is not as all
And we will surely never fall
Til death has come and curtain’s call
Will soon return us to the present from the past and we’ll resurrect this necessary wall.

(When I first wrote this one, I had the word 'insequential' instead of 'inconsequential'. Apparently the former is not a word, so I replaced it. But it did sound better! ;)


  1. I have said this before, but I will say it again... MY FRIENDS ARE SO TALENTED!!! Those were beautiful lissie!

    1. Thank you, Emma! I'm so glad you liked them. <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tanner! You are an amazing writer, too. :)

  3. So I'm finally going to comment something that pertains to what you posted, shocker I know!
    You are a wonderful writer, never forget that! It is a true talent you have cultivated through hours of practice, an it is a worth while practice! Keep writing with all your heart!
    P.S. What about to one about bacon?

    1. Haha, thank you! I fully intend to. :)
      That one actually got published on the Kingdom Pen website (which I was ecstatic about). Here's the link, if you happen to want to read it again. XD

    2. That's so awesome! The more I read it the more I understand the hidden meaning...(bacon of course)

    3. Oh, yes; I totally wrote it with bacon in mind. Levi is a genius for figuring it out so quickly, though. XD

    4. Uncle Levis is astute. It took me a couple times.

  4. Elizabeth, greatly enjoyed reading your writings; poems, thoughts etc. Keep up the good work and let the Lord make you what he wants you to be.