Friday, May 20, 2016

MMC (5/20/16)

The rumors were true. He stared after the man he thought he had known so well in astonishment. “What about integrity? How has he lived with his conscious this whole time?”
“In the beginning, it always stings a little and the guilt is heavy, but after doing it over and over and over again and ignoring it, the conscious gives up and you can’t hear it anymore. It’s like getting burned by an iron; it burns and it hurts, but after getting it pressed on the same spot so many times, the nerves are deadened. You can’t feel anything in that area of your life anymore. It doesn’t mean there is no harm done there, but even if there is, how could they know anymore?”
He turned to look at the younger girl standing behind him in surprise. She was known for her quiet nature and she never spoke unless she had to. One could always see the wheels turning in her brain, but she usually didn’t consider them edifying enough to be worth mentioning.
“How do you know? I mean, where did you hear that?”
She shrugged modestly. “I’ve known many, many people in my life, sir, and I’ve learned to hope for the best, but expect the worst. I know what people are like.”

She nodded once to excuse herself before turning and walking away, but the teenage boy she had left behind her couldn’t stop looking after the man he used to know, watching him leave for the very last time. 

I tag:

My sister, Anna
My best friend, Christine
And Emilie Flower or Lessien Arcamenel 

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