Sunday, April 24, 2016

Only Nothing (4/24/16)

So I found this as I was looking through my Google Docs page and I didn't even remember what it was until I reached the last line. It was a phrase that ran through my head many, many times during a short period of time for a reason unbeknownst to me. During that time, I felt like a raging hurricane was commencing just under my skin and untamed stars in unknown and strange galaxies were falling in spiraling torpedoes... but it wasn't acceptable to speak of it and, since I could see no reason behind it, it was "only nothing". I'm not sure why I felt that way at the time, but now I know I needn't bury any pain I am feeling and I have many friends who I can talk to when I feel in trouble. :)
(By the way, sorry if my head-in-the-clouds writing style isn't your taste; I'm afraid I'm a dreamer of fantasies that irk those who have more sense than I)

 : The wind that screamed through the open doorway crack did not scare her; rather, the memories that were brought back to the surface through it caused her to shudder. The dry cold that crept into every space did not chill her; rather, the thought that she could have changed what happened but didn’t caused her to shiver.

Her fingers trembled and she bit her lip fiercely. Images played like a movie in her mind, images she would never be able to forget. There were dull neutrals, brown and grey... and red… so much red...

A hand touched her shoulder and she went rigid because the memories were so vivid they were surging into her reality now.

“Tyla?” The voice broke the spell that had her breath caught in her throat. She breathed, but even still she could see the faces of people she could never save.

“What’s wrong?”

She couldn’t make herself turn around and face this person who cared so much about her only because they didn’t know the truth. She couldn’t.

“Oh,” she replied softly. “It’s only nothing.”

Picture taken from Pinterest, I do not own it. :)


  1. Beautiful, as always! ❤️

    Love ya!

  2. Wonderful post! Also, I just wanted to tell you, you have a beautiful blog! I just LOVE it! Congrats on your 15,000 views! :)