Sunday, March 13, 2016

Being A Writer Is Hard Sometimes (3/13/16)

As you all know, I apologize for not posting on this blog much at all quite a bit throughout different posts and things. I apologize for being lazy (which is partially it), for not being motivated (partially it), and for simply not doing it.

The thing is, I'm really not just being lazy or being unmotivated or anything like that (although that is part of the problem).

The fact is, I am writing. Not a lot, but more than you think.

I have a private blog that I write heart-shards on sometimes.

I'm keeping a journal to help me with anxiety.

I'm going to write a new book for NaNoWriMo next month (which I've already started).

I'm trying to write out ideas for YouTube videos.

And I'm trying to learn how to write poems. 

So I really am trying; I am sorry if you guys miss seeing blog posts, and next time daily life hops out of my way and gives me a free time slot, I'll write you another one. ;)


  1. We've misseddd youuuuu. XD I understand busy tho, life it crazy!

    Great for you! I'm planning on doing NaNo as well :D What is your word goal?

    1. Aw, thank you! It's nice to be missed. :)

      I'm only planning on about 40,000 this time around (last time life took over and yanked my little book out of my hands, so I'm a little hesitant to commit to too much. But that's ok, because all of the other people in my cabin were gradually lowering their word count goals, too! XD)
      What's your username? I can message you if you want and we might end up in the same cabin! :D

    2. I'm aiming for about the same. XD I'm doing a rewrite...*ahem* practically starting a whole new story with the same plot. lol. XD
      There's my username. XD I'm currently in a cabin with two other people, do you have space for us all? ;) XD

      Do you normally have a set goal of words for each day, or do you just write as much as you can?

    3. Well, I'm not currently in a cabin yet... could I possibly join yours? :P :)

      Erm... I don't really know. Last year NaNoWriMo happened when I had a sister in the hospital and a little brother who's tooth had just been knocked out on the road AND he got the croup... so I just tried to write whenever possible. :P :)

    4. hahaa, sure! I'll ask my friend to add you. (she's the owner of the cabin, or whatever you would call that.) XD If you send me your camp link, I'll shoot that over to her. :D

      aw, well. I know what you mean. I STILL think there should be a nano in January when everyone is stuck inside. XD November is the busiest month for me! So busy I wasn't able to participate last year. :P I have done both camps though since I have heard of it. This month I'm focusing on expanding my word count. I always feel I make it go too quickly. lol. Do you have that? I just don't understand those people who can write, gosh. I wish I could do that. XD I'm currently working on my plot/planning ideas for nano. Do you plan at all?


      There's my link. I totally think they ought to do it January instead! That's usually the most boring month for us here. :P
      Yeah, I think I'd have to know exactly what I was writing out beforehand and have nowhere to go or anything to do during the month to get up to 80,000. That's kind of... insane. Insanely good, of course; insane all the same. ;)
      I do and actually almost all of the MMC's I've posted are tiny excerpts from it. :D

    6. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! My friend invited you to our cabin. XD

      no kidding, usually we are snowed in or something. November is SO busy. :P
      IKR? I'm going to push myself next month and do the most I possibly can. :D I wrote this book last year for camp nano, and this year I needed a rewrite. So I was plotting and I'm like, "this is basically a whole new book.." so I decided to start fresh. XD haha, it's been good though, I've been learning a lot. When did you start doing nanowrimo?

    7. Thank you! :D

      Last April; Mary B. invited me to do it and I figured I'd give it a go. :)

  2. I totally understand how busy schedules can get during the school year in a big family! Coodos to you for being able to right as much as you currently are! I love you and wish you luck on your book! Emma Gallant:-)

    1. Thank you so much, Emma! And by the way, I'm so glad you could get the commenting to work! :D