Tuesday, November 17, 2015

MMC (11/16/15)

Here's my MMC for this week's contest! Sorry I haven't done it in awhile. :)

via Pinterest
“A heartbreak has a louder crack than a gunshot,
and a deadened heart’s beat is more silent than the grave.
If one has the mind and ears that will listen
And a head that is more than willing to obey,
They might understand the pain of others
Even if the others refuse to say
What will prove-”

A faraway scream proved to be a timely interruption to her recitation. With a sigh, she snapped her little book shut and ran her hands through her straggly hair. She supposed she should have been shocked and frightened by the screams, but she wasn’t. It was too… usual to think anything of it.
Except… it happened again. And this time… it sounded like her own name being screamed out in desperation.
“Neil?” She spoke through the hole in the door.
His cheery, heavily accented voice came chirping back out the hole, assuring her like it always did.
Her mind rewinded itself, remembering a few minutes ago.
She hadn’t snapped the book shut with her hands.


This time, it did disconcert her. She mentally quoted the end of her poem.

Sometimes, promises need to be broken.
And sometimes, our best intentions lead to greater expectations than we can ever hope to fill.

It is 209 words, and I used the sentence prompt. :)