Thursday, November 12, 2015

Masquerades are Sad (and I'll tell you why)

People mingling, floating from one group to the next, their faces the very depiction of laughter and excitement. Bright colors flashing and pretty dresses sweeping across the floor; silver and gold glitter can be seen from the corner of your eye, twinkling and shining in the small light there is to see with. Everyone has purchased a smile to wear for the evening, nodding and laughing to everyone that catches their eye. 

No one is having a bad time. 

No one is feeling anything but the best of feelings towards everyone else. 

No one is left out, lonely, afraid, angry, upset, regretful, hurting, longing, uncertain, reaching, ashamed, embarrassed, frustrated, confused, heartbroken, cast away, broken, weary...

In short, no one is real.

The masques they wear change them from who they are into who they wish so desperately to be. They become the person who has no flaws, the person who they always looked up to, the person who has no worries. 

Here they are, as faulty and as far from the lofty perch of angels as any man. But once they slide on the cover of their true identity, it is all to nothing.

We don't have to shape-shift just to fit into the cultural norms of our society and we don't have to be someone whose perfection is only flawed by their inconsistency and inability to be someone that is completely and perfectly... you.

I'm not afraid
I'm not ashamed
I'm not to blame

Welcome to the Masquerade

I'm not afraid
I'm not ashamed
I'm not okay

Welcome to the Masquerade 

Masquerades make me smile in a wistful sort of way; because on one hand, it can be quite a merry gathering, of friends and new acquaintances. On the other, it might just turn out to be an excuse to be a different person, if only for a moment.

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