Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MMC (9/22/15)

I woke up, half sprawled across the cold stone floor. My body felt like they had just thrown me in what seemed like your typical dank cell with no thought or care of how I landed or whether I’d survive the landing. They probably knocked me out before they put me in here.
Ben. The thought struck me like a lightning bolt. Where was he?
“Ben? Are you in here?”
I sighed. He was ok. At least we were both still alive.
I heard him strike something. Hard.
“You know, it would be much easier if you would just let go.”
I could hear him turn around on the other side of the wall. “What?”
“I said, you need to let go.”
His foot skidded along the floor. “Why?”
“Because holding on to it isn’t going to help.”
“What do you mean? It wouldn’t help anyone.”
The taste of bile filled my mouth; something was really wrong. “Ben?”
“Where?” Now I could hear him scratching his head.
“Ben, what did they do to you?”
I may be blind, but that doesn’t mean I was stupid. They had brainwashed him; made him forget everything. I didn’t know how far back they had erased, maybe even back to his childhood. But they had done it. His mind was no longer his own.
“Ben?” I spoke as sweetly as my nauseousness would allow. “How old are you?”
My body slumped against the wall between us in despair. Now I knew what hopelessness really was.
“I said, why do you want to know?”

It is 264 words long, and I used the picture prompt. :)