Monday, August 24, 2015

AOA Car-Wash/I Can Show You the World... (8/24/15)

...but I don't really know what you all want to see! I'm having problems figuring out what to post about (any suggestions would lead to me thanking said person profusely.) Writing is getting overused and not much has happened here, although I will cover what has happened. 
So comment below if you want to see more of certain types of posts and I will try to uphold the Blogger honor. ;)

We had a car-wash last Saturday (8/15/15) to try and raise some money for us to do Academy of Arts again next year (I did a post about it here). It was really fun, especially when I realized Tanner liked Skillet music, too (lol). There was an epic battle of soap suds and stinging spray from the hoses...

Just kidding. I flicked my sponge at Gavin once and it got into his water bottle, which he then proceeded to flick furiously at me. XD

It got kind of boring yelling the same thing again and again at the cars that went by as we held up our car-wash signs, so Tanner started yelling things like, "If you think I'm single, honk! Get a free car-wash!" (He's 17, so it's ok) ;)
It was really funny (although not at the time) when we were yelling and holding our signs up in the air and my grandma drove by. She was talking on her phone and she didn't seem to see our valiant efforts to gain her desired attention. She seemed to be driving by, which made all of the Sullivans' hopping mad... until we realized she really was turning around the corner. XP

And we all got sunburnt, to my great shock and disgust. ;) 

What was your week like? Anything happen that was attention-grabbing? Did anyone make you laugh? What do you think I should post more of? And should I start putting that little epilogue with the weird picture of my sisters and I back at the end of every post where it belongs? :)


  1. Sounds like lots of fun! Tanner sounds like he has quite a personality. ;) I always get sunburnt, without fail, even if I spend just an hour in the sun, so I know how you feel...:P

    I don't think your writing could ever be overused!

    1. Haha, it was! I almost never get sunburnt, so it was a small shock. ;)

      P.P.S. I just think I post it too muc. :)