Friday, June 19, 2015

Notes (6/19/15)

To Christine Taft: We've been friends for awhile, practically a year. I don't remember ever thanking you for being there for me when I needed to talk to someone. I want you to know that when something goes wrong or when I'm afraid I'll fall back into old habits, you're always the one I feel like I can talk to. You're one of my best friends and I hope it will stay this way for a long time hence. I only hope that I can be the kind of friend to you that you've been to me.

To Elizabeth Lindsay: Despite our slight age difference (note that I did say 'slight'), we're with each other til the end of the line (right?). I love your photography and, even though I've said this before, it was amazing getting to meet you in Florida. I hope that when I am older, I show the same kind of thoughtfulness and beauty (inward and outward) that I see in you.

To Rachael Behrman: I still think it's pretty cool that we became friends through our mutual friend... on the Internet (that came out really, really weird). Even though you can't come to Sr. Camp this year, I'm still planning to meet you someday. Even if it's slightly later than I previously imagined. ;)  
Thanks for all the different times you've reshared the blog posts that were little broken shards of my heart, and if no one's told you this today, you are AWESOME. Don't forget it.

To His Princess: I consider you one of the best writers I know. You're smart, pretty, and I hope to meet you someday. I love reading your blog posts and writing tidbits, especially MMC entries and I love writing stories with you and Damaris. I'm honored and glad to call you my friend.


Elisabeth is copying a friend who leaves a signature like this on every blog post. She apologizes for any overly sentimental things in this post. She just felt that way today. 
What do you think of the signature idea? Any suggestions? (this is one of those posts where she would like lots of comments, if it's all right with you). Also, if you're not in this post, don't worry. This definitely isn't the only post she'll do like this. She just didn't want to put too much in one, if that's all right with you.


  1. Elisabeth, I'm just so grateful to have you as a friend! You're amazing, fun, and caring. :) You almost made me cry yesterday. I hope we're friends for a good long time, too!