Friday, May 29, 2015

AOA Cast Party & Cosplay

The girls decided we would do a cosplay of our favorite characters from books or movies. I chose Belle's peasant dress from Beauty and the Beast because it was pretty easy to piece together and because I get Belle on every personality test I take. :)

And she was always my favorite Disney princess. :) 

But it was awkward because no one but Anna I wore costumes, so we took off our skirts as soon as we got there and just wore our t-shirts and khakis. XP

But the afternoon before we left, we made cupcakes to bring for the potluck (did I mention there was a potluck there, too?). I told my sisters I would decorate these two with Emma Swan and the Evil Queen. Guess which is which. ;)

I can point out the Evil Queen's headdress, if you need me too. ;)
They thought it was amusing, anyway. 

We gave the one with the Evil Queen to Gavin, not telling him that was what it was decorated as until after he ate it. Allie also made sure that the wrapper on that one was a princess one (none of the others were).
There's not really much else to add. XP


  1. Haha, so I get to see a picture of the cupcakes now! Love it! XD I like the GIF of Belle you put in. :)

    1. Thank you! I got it from a personality test, go figure. ;P

  2. Did you hear that Gavin ate the cupcake in one bite!?!? He said it was very good. Sorry none of you Sullivans got to be in the skits! Hopefully we will get together more often and do improv ( BTW Grace and I slipped Allie's name in! Muhaha!!!).

    1. Oh my word, I didn't know that. But it doesn't really surprise me... ;)
      Nah, it's fine. That would be really fun! Can't believe Gavin and Micah Yoder got to be experts on MLP. XD
      I know. I slipped in Abby's name as 'Abby BFF'. ;D