Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MMC (3/16/15)

a story here....
The key dangled before my eyes, swinging gently. They were trying to get some fun out of me. I wouldn’t give it to them, no matter how bad I wanted what they were tempting me with. My freedom. Basically my life. I wouldn’t bring myself lower by begging.
“If you can grab it, it’s yours. It’s right here. You can get it.” The leader wheedled while the rest of the gang cackled and waited for me to make a move. Why did it have to be so tempting? They’re lying to you. Even if you did touch it, they wouldn’t give it to you. They would never give it to you.
    The key came closer. Maybe…
    Don’t do it! They’re trying to break you down, make you look like a fool! If you value the only worthwhile thing you have left, don’t throw away your dignity!
    My head instantaneously jerked forward and bumped my scrap of metal. The roars of laughter that exploded from my captors caused me to duck my head away to hide my fury from their eyes. If they knew, they would only mock me more. After a few moments with no more response from me than they would get from a dead man, they wandered away to settle down for the night. The moon rose in the sky, but it wasn’t so bright as to stop the stars from shining. Jade green light could be seen as if through a window into another universe.
    A tear slid down my cheek.
"What have I done to deserve this?" 
You were born.
That lie caused him more pain than it ever would have before.

264 words, I used the sentence prompt. :)


  1. I love it! But why are your stories always sad?

    1. If this happens to be my sister (clears throat multiple times to get the point across), then you can't really ask me that since yours are always unfortunate as well.
      If this is someone else, then... well, I guess it's because it's easier for me to write sad stories. They don't ever end unhappily (well, the long stories; the ones that could actually become short novellas or novels). I always plan out the happy ending in my head, and forget to post it. XP