Monday, March 23, 2015

Guest Post by Christine Taft

The amazing Elisabeth asked me over a month ago now to a guest post for her blog, and I said I would...and then promptly wrote it up and sent it, right? Nope. I told her several times I would do it, then never did. Some friend I am! Seriously, though, thanks for having me, Elisabeth. :)

11022408_10205299444357336_6828812883988396103_n.jpgSo, a bit about me:
I am a homeschooled,  Christian, fangirling, book-loving, coffee and tea drinking, almost-fifteen-year-old sister to 6.
Ok....maybe I should break that down a bit. :)

I live on 5 acres with my wonderful parents and four of my six siblings. My oldest two sisters are married with children of their own, giving me several nieces and nephews I adore. Speaking of which, my five year old niece is coming to spend the night in a bit. :) I have been homeschooled my whole life. 
....which brings me to the fangirl side of me. As my mom says, I have "chosen the tough road of extreme mental attachment". My fandoms are Narnia, The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, and BBC Merlin.

I also LOVE to read! I could read all day. I love the Narnia and Lord of the Rings books, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The Millie Keith series, and too many others to list.
Coffee and tea are my life, no joke. If I can get my hands on it, I will drink 3 cups of coffee in the morning and then lots of tea in the afternoon/evening.

My passion is for children-particularly those in need. They deserve to know love just as much as my own siblings and nieces and nephews, and my dream is to help show that love to even a few.

I applaud you if you have made it this far! Thanks for taking the time to read my long-winded post. :)
I blog at Everything is Blogsome and at my soon-to-be unveiled new blog! Follow along at my main blog for a link when I'm ready to share. :)

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