Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pictures (2/15/15)

Here's a picture of tree-climbing at Grandma's house!(it would have been tres difficile to get a good one from higher up) ;)

Here's a blanket I'm working on. Not the greatest of pictures, but then my pictures are never really that great. :)

Here's a selfie of Anna and I from Winter Jam! (I made my hat and she made hers) :)

Here we are with the Chick-fil-a cows (who doesn't love Chick-fil-a?!). You can see our friend Angel photo-bombing in the back, lol. :D

NOTE: Blogger didn't take Chick-fil-a as a word! Maybe we should revolt or something. ;)


  1. I love your hats! I wish it was hat-wearing weather here :/

    1. Thanks! It was REALLY cold after standing out there for a couple of hours. :)