Sunday, February 1, 2015

Guest Post by Sarah Margaret

Hello, lovelies! Today I am honored to have my friend Sarah over to show you how to make paper beads. Make sure you check out her blog, it's really great! :)

Hello there! I'm Sarah from Trusting in the Lord day by day, you can read more about me here. I'm here today to do a tutorial for you all! Lately I discovered how fun making paper beads's so fun. After this tutorial you can try it for yourself!
These are the finished beads; read on to find out how to make them! :D 
 First off, you will need toothpicks, styrofoam, a glue stick, paint brush, scissors, Decoupage gloss varnish, (you can use other things as well, but it has to be glossy if you want the glass bead look.), also strips of paper either that you colored, or magazines, etc. (you can use a rolling tool as well, but I made one myself.)
 This is the top of what my roller looks like. I folded the a bobby pin over, (I had to tape it down) onto a crochet hook, the smallest I had. Then for the handle, I got yarn and rapped it around, and around then taped it do stay in place. You can buy some online for $10-20. I've also seen people make them out of skewers. 
 Take your strip of paper and fold the edge on the bobby pin, then continue to wrap it around. 
 Once you get to about an inch left, use your glue stick and finish it off. 
 This is what it should look like, without the varnish.
 Now, use your paint brush and put lots on, the more, the glossier. You can do additional coats to make it shinier.
 Then stick it on some styrofoam to dry, (see above, I labeled the side with numbers so I know how many coats I have done.)
 This is what they look like with one coat. I have yet to try more but people say that 2-3 work best. These are some different ones I made up. The music notes are my personal favorite.

 Thanks for reading my tutorial, hope you all have a lovely day! Thanks for having me, Elisabeth, I really enjoyed doing this! :)