Saturday, January 3, 2015

Writing Contest (TWoS)

This week I'm entering the Teen Words of Steel Writing Contest for the first time. Y'all should really check out their blog, it has different tips for writing and it's really fun to look over. :)
I'm using both the picture and sentence prompt.

Hiding in the woods grew monotonous after a few weeks with nothing to do but live. I knew I could escape from this living nightmare, but I wasn't sure I wanted to. There was nothing for me out there. There was nothing for me here, either. There was nothing for me anywhere. I had thrown it away, so I had to accept the fact that it was my fault and that I would be trapped here forever. In torment of mind and heart. Of course, I had grown more and more unfeeling as days went on- that is, it was much easier to look back without feeling the gut-wrenching agony. Heaving a small sigh, I made the biggest decision I had ever made. Well, at least since it all began. Was leaving such a good idea? No. But it might be worth it.
I took a tentative step out from the overgrown trail; it was sad, really. Seeing the overall decay of the place where we had spent so much of our happiness. The breeze brushed my cheeks and I shivered although the day was positively balmy. I could still hear his laughter and I could still feel his presence, even though I knew I would never see him again. His whispers tickling my ears; the disgusting way he always turned my direction when he sneezed that had me half-angry, half-laughing; how he would listen when I needed to rant to someone, even though my problems didn't even make sense; his arms around me when nobody else cared anymore; his hands slipping from mine...
Surely it wasn't my fault. Nobody blamed me. And yet every single day my heart tells me the truth... that he is no longer in this world because my soul refused to listen. My dreams are still haunted by the look in his eyes... real people believe that the worst thing to see in someone's eyes is loneliness. It's not. The worst thing to see in someone's eyes is the realization that you are the cause of their suffering, and the agony that comes afterward. At the very end, they look at you contemptuously with apathy masking the overwhelming pain. It's the worst thing to see in someone's eyes. When they've realized you've betrayed them.
I stepped onto the wooden rails of an old coaster-ride, watching as a few stray leaves rustled across in the fall breeze. This was the only time of year I could be free in the world. I could go anywhere I wanted to and that was the thing. I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t have a home to return to after my wandering in the evening. I didn’t have a heart to call my own.
I didn’t have a friend in the world.
God, save me from myself.


  1. Hi! I followed the link over from TWoS. Tjis is chilling and well written, and leaves me REALLY want to know more. : ) Is this from something else you're writing, or an all-by-its-lonesome story?

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! As of right now, it's all by it's lonesome self. I may decide to write a collab. story with some friends about it, though. :)

  3. This is really cool! I think it would be an amazing story.

    1. Thank you! Are you writing an entry this week? :)