Friday, January 9, 2015

Guest Post by Elizabeth Lindsay

Hello, lovelies! My good friend Elizabeth from One Light in a Dark World has graciously agreed to write a guest post for RotH.  :)
Displaying CAPTURE Kansas - asked me if I would write a guest post about myself, and what I love to do.
First of all, my name is Elizabeth. I am a homeschool graduate, and the oldest of nine children. Never a dull (and rarely a quiet) moment here! 

What do I love to do?
I LOVE answering this question. :P I have SO many things I enjoy doing! I’ll start with what I’m doing right this instant…
I am writing (go figure). Oh yes, I love to write! Whether it’s a book report (back when I was in school), or just for fun, writing random articles for friends - I love the power of words.
As I write right now, I am listening to music from my favorite artist, Chris Tomlin! :D
Moving on…
I manage the local tea shop twice a week, and that is ALWAYS something I love doing! Usually, I work with my brother, who is the second oldest, but sometimes I find myself working with AMAZING people - friends, old and new! When I’m at home during free time, you could find me reading a good book, playing/watching a movie with my siblings, or outside capturing God’s creation. That’s right! I’m a photographer. I am also a blogger, running two blogspots: My personal blog, One Light in a Dark World and my photography blog, Clear Creations Photography. I’d be honored to have y’all stop by and visit!
Back to the point. I happen to be a Star Wars fan, as well as a huge fan of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings...and don’t even get me started on Marvel movies! But you probably don’t want to hear me go on and on about those, so I’d better close now with a so-long, farewell!

Auf Wiedersehen!


  1. It's so cool that you share the same name! Although slightly confusing xD

    1. IKR? Although it does help that her's is spelled differently.
      Even though it's merely a one-letter difference. ;)

    2. Yes, definitely! XD
      But we've learned to deal with it, right pal? ;)

    3. Definitely! :D
      Till the end of the line, pal!