Monday, October 27, 2014

MMC (10/27/14)

My MMC for this week. I used the sentence prompt, the items prompt, and the picture prompt. :)

Write that!

The plane did a nosedive and began plummeting downwards. The buildings, the stores, the homes that would be destroyed… all my fault.
As it neared the streets of New York, I tried to use my power against it; surely the strength of hundreds was enough!
Yet it was not. The massive destruction had but one purpose: to kill me.
The wings smashed into skyscrapers while crashing cars built up on the roads. Smoke… everywhere. Everyone ran for their lives. The pain of so many people only determined to make me weaker, more feeble. A car flipped into the air over my head. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t move.

Jennifer woke up, her eyes wet with tears. Yes, she knew it was only a dream, but it would also be her future if she didn’t change. She knew that now.
She flipped the knife over in her hand and took a deep breath. What other options did she have? Grasping it tightly, she slashed off her long, beautiful locks; Tyler used to love her hair.
“Jen,” he’d say. “You are the loveliest girl I’ve ever met.”
Jennifer blinked back tears. Sentiment was entirely unneeded. She washed her cropped hair over the sink, using lavender-scented soap. The drizzling rain outside only darkened her future.
After dying her hair mink brown and adding contacts to change her eye color, she felt ready to enter the world safely again. No one would recognize her now… would they?
The door slammed; Ethan arrived sooner than she expected. He entered the room and stood frozen with shock.
“I thought you said you wouldn’t change.” he murmured.
“Circumstances have changed; we have to change with them now.” Jennifer replied quietly but firmly.
Sentiment was entirely unneeded.

 Yes, the words are bold in places for a reason, even if they don't make sense yet. :)