Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MMC (9/10/14)

Yes, I'm late again. I think I'll break a record for being the person who is always late. Better late than never, right? :)
Here's my entry; it is 299 words. :) 


Liam glanced up at the sky: big, bright and blue. There weren’t many other words for a 5 year old to describe it. The sun was at the top, which meant that today was halfway over. Stretching and yawning, he got up to investigate why his friend hadn’t come yet. She said she’d be here at lunchtime, and that was hours ago. Well, maybe 20 minutes.

Sitting in the grass was boring; Liam found that out about 15 minutes into waiting. She said she’d be here. As he waited, he started making the circles. The magic ones, that looked like a glass that you could see space through. They started small and grew bigger and bigger as he made them. A lot like bubbles, he thought. Except bubbles popped when they were done and the circles just vanished. Way cooler.

Natalie burst into the clearing, gasping for air. She swiveled around, trying to find the little boy who she had met in the village who had the magic in his hands. She didn’t have to look long; he was sitting out in the open, making the portholes in broad daylight!
“Didn’t I say to stay hidden until I came?” she hissed at him when she was close. He turned around and looked at her to realize that the girl wasn’t mad, she was scared.
“I forgot,” he whimpered. “I didn’t mean to do anything wrong.”
“I only hope it’s not too late,” Natalie murmured under her breath while peering furtively into the portholes. “No… no, NO!”
The windows were popping up all over the place, faster than they could count. Liam rubbed his hands together, trying to make them stop.
“It’s not working! It’s not working!” he shrieked, nearly hysterical.
Could anything stop the growing evil that would enter?