Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miroslav (8/31/14)

To teens who want to make a difference, I have an opportunity for you. Perhaps you are here because you want to “do hard things.” What I’m about to ask of you is not really hard, but it could save a life.


It won’t cost you any money. It probably won’t even cost you more than five minutes of your time. Yet, because of your willingness to make a difference, you could bring love and life to a little boy named Miroslav. All I ask is that you share his story. Share this blog post on Facebook. Forward the link in a short note to a friend, asking them to pass it on, too. You get the idea. And, to those of you who have read this far, but really don’t want to stick Miroslav’s photo on your Facebook page and are about to click away, please — DON’T. Hear me out. And help give Miroslav a chance. 
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Please, please give Miroslav a chance. You may think that it won't make a difference because only a few people look at your posts, but every little bit helps. He needs a loving home, a family who will provide the care and therapy he needs!

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