Sunday, June 15, 2014

Today (6/15/14) #COOKIES!!!

Today I made some GF (gluten-free) cookies 1) so we could eat them! and 2) so I could freeze some and take them to Bible camp with me. Allie, Anna and I are going to Bible camp with my grandma next week. Can't wait!
Here are some pictures :)

I'll try to find the recipe we used and share it. These cookies are really good (even though they are GF) and my whole family likes them, so don't think they are bad just because they are GF!

UPDATE: My mom and I gobbled them up like 5-6 days before camp, so we had to make another 2 batches, lol! XD


  1. LOL that is so true! :) can i put that on my blog?

    1. Sure! Can you leave me a link? I'd love to check it out if/when you do! :)