Monday, May 5, 2014

MMC (5/5/14) she waits and watches, holding up the lantern until her arms ache and tremble, and she cannot suppress the hope that tonight he'll come at last...

I'd told myself I would never come back here again ... yet here I am. I couldn’t help hoping that maybe he told the truth. Maybe he would come. Maybe he would finally take me away.
I sighed, putting the lantern down for a brief moment on the seat beside me so I could stretch my aching arms. Doubts plagued my tired and questioning heart.
“He won’t come. He abandoned me years ago. Why would he come back now?” came the unsettling whispers from the half of my heart that didn’t dare to believe.
“He promised he would!” the other half argued, unwilling to believe that he might lie.
“He’s a liar. He never meant to come back.” was the fierce retort.
“I could tell! I know he meant it!” my heart cried out.
"You are so naive! He never loved you! He never will!”
My sobs echoed out over the river. He just had to come. If he didn’t, I think I would die.
A rustle in the bushes back where I had come from made me start nervously. What if there were others in the night besides the one I was so anxiously awaiting?

Carl raced through the cold night, trying his hardest to reach his destination and praying that she would be there. He promised he would come for her. He had to get there on time.
As he ran to the shoreline and searched desperately for her face in the vast waters, all he saw was an empty rowboat with a lantern inside, its flame about to blow out. Where was she? His worst fears began to build up inside.
A scream of terror pierced the night air and his face went white. What if he had come only to watch his precious daughter die?


  1. I love it, Elisabeth!! It's fantastic!! =D

  2. Thanks, guys! I'm glad you liked it. :)

  3. Wow that was really good!!!! I love it :D

  4. I want to hear the rest! You seriously need to write a story. A whole one, not just an exert. I am about to die of suspense!!! Oh well, maybe I will dream the rest or something...

    1. Writing is kind of on hold right now for me because I have to make hats and stuff, but I will probably work on my novel in my spare time this summer. Of course, this summer I'll be working on the Bible Bee, so I won't have a ton of spare time. :P