Thursday, May 1, 2014

MMC (5/28/14)

Here's my MMC entry. Hope you enjoy reading it.
...she's leaving now. Forever. She hates all the restrictions and rules and especially the shoes. She's leaving...

“Do it, Julia,”

Julia heard Shannon’s impatient mutter distantly. She was starting to feel light-headed. This was crazy; why was she feeling this way? As she backed away from the hole the faintness left her. Now it wasn’t just weird, it was scary.

“No way,” she finally answered. “Nothing could induce me to go in there. What if there are wild animals living in there?”

"Oh, don’t worry, Julia.” Reagan replied innocently. “If you get killed by a stray kitten, we’ll definitely call the police.”

Shannon burst into mean laughter while Julia’s eyes stung with unshed tears. They were the closest thing to friends that she had ever had.

She hesitated, searching for another excuse. “But I still have my prom dress on and peg heels,” she said lamely.

Shannon snorted in cynicism. “Julia, seriously? Your dress won’t get dirty if you’re just looking and you can take off your shoes since you’re so worried about it.”

Sighing, Julia looked back at the doorway. She had run out of excuses. As she glanced inside, she saw something like a little light on the smooth, shiny floor. She felt an inexplicable impulse to touch the light. It was so beautiful. Like a star that had just fallen from the heavens.

She reached out to touch it.

“What is taking you so long?” complained Reagan loudly.

Julia’s blue dress was still visible, but the rest of her was inside the door. When no answer came, they became more wary of the brick doorway that held Julia inside.

“Julia, what’s in there? Come out and tell us!” cried Shannon with suspicion and impatience.

There was a sound of great cracking and Julia’s terrified screams left them both in horror.

“We killed her, Reagan. We’ve gone and killed her.”


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