Monday, April 21, 2014

MMC (4/21/14)

This could have happened any other time. Why today? Yes, I could lose the guy that was pointlessly chasing me, but I really didn’t have any time to waste. I was supposed to be there right now and I was still here. I was sorely tempted to cry out “Attercop!” or maybe “Tomnoddy” to see if the anger would spur him on for a few seconds.
Concealed behind a tree with dagger in hand, I waited for him to come. I leapt out of hiding as he puffed into sight.
“Put down your sword!” I demanded confidently.

He looked at me warily. Between gulps of breath, he inquired with hate.
“Why would I do that?”
“I will be forced to take drastic measures if you don’t; it is clear I have the advantage, so do as I say.”
With no other choice, he threw his precious sword to the ground angrily. Taking it and tying his hands so he wouldn’t follow, I bid him adieu.
I sprinted hurriedly and half an hour later slammed into the bolted wooden doors that held my closest friends inside. Hopefully the meeting hadn’t adjourned yet and they would all still be there. Lifting the heavy bolt capably, I threw back the doors.
How could it be? Even if the meeting was already over not all of them would have left yet. At least not Ellen; surely she wouldn’t have left without seeing me. Unless…
“I see that your punctuality has improved with time in Caliganoer even if your fighting abilities have not.”
My shoulders sagged and I rolled my eyes annoyed. The sarcasm, the voice, the way it grated in my ears… there was only one person that fitted the description.
Great. I think this makes today complete.
A trap.