Monday, April 14, 2014

MMC (4/14/14)

This is kind of a flashback from last week's entry. So this is actually before last week's entry. I hope that's okay (?).
I shuddered as the cool wind blew through the trees, swaying the flame of my torch. This place was creepy, like really creepy. Obviously this wasn’t a normal forest; if I didn’t know better, I’d say it was magic.

My dress snagged on yet another branch and as I snatched it free, I lurched to my knees. This was absolutely ridiculous! Why had I listened to Shannon when she demanded that I get a pair of heels for the high school dance? Now I was stumbling around in this unbelievably eerie forest in a prom dress and peg heels, for Pete’s sake!

“Are you a complete idiot?!” came a hiss from behind me. I whirled around in panic. It was a girl who seemed only a little older than me. Without another word, she snatched the torch from my grasp and stomped on the dying embers.

“What was that for?” I demanded indignantly.

“Can you not see that we are in the middle of a forest?” came the fuming reply.


“What of it?” I replied as coolly as possible.

Her expression was a mixture of condescension and extreme annoyance. “Can you not see that it is almost midnight?”

“Duh!” I rolled my eyes, my impatience slowly growing.

She surveyed me with what seemed to be incredulity at the vastness of my stupidity.

“Are you a complete idiot?!” came the first question again.

I had never been more tempted to lie in my entire life. I studied my toes, embarrassed.

She sighed, raking her fingers through her jet-black hair. “This is going to be harder than I thought.”

“What will be harder than you thought?” I asked suspiciously.

"You’re coming with me,” she answered quietly.

“How do I know that you’re a friend?”

"You don’t.” came the indifferent response.


  1. I love the mixture of ordinary life with fantastical life. Great story!

    1. Thank you! :) I really liked your story, too.

  2. Hi! A while back you commented on my blog saying that you'd like to be a part of my blog party. I commented back asking for your email and you didn't respond. Could you please email me here- Thanks!