Monday, March 31, 2014

TW's Project!

 Abrielle Lindsay/TW Wright is a good friend of mine from across the globe who I wanted to do a favor. She shared the 8WC on her blog, Lay Me Down, so I'm going to share her project with y'all today. :)  I hope you enjoy it and decide to help her.
What I Do:
I live in Papua, Indonesia. I can’t knit. I can’t crochet. And I’m still practicing my sewing. I’m not great at making things—or coming up with ideas. So, you may ask what I do.
I don’t do anything spectacular, it’s rather simple, but can be more powerful than anything else.
I pray.
I pray for orphanages that don’t have enough supplies. I pray for orphans that they would be adopted into homes where the people love them with their whole heart.
Yes, it is rather simple. Yes, I probably could try to do something more extravagant. But praying is something that I love to do, and something I can do whenever I want to.
But more importantly, praying is a very powerful thing. With prayers, God provided everything George Muller needed for his orphanage. With prayers, God does things. Awesome, powerful things.
How I Got Inspired:
TIO (Teens Interceding for Orphans) inspired me so much. When TIO started out, Leah posted an orphan that needed praying for every two weeks. We could sign up to pray for them in fifteen minute time slots.
This is what inspired me. I would sign up in two spaces and carry out this time.
I still do this, but want to pray more for orphans.
Now I am reading more about orphans and looking at sites that Leah posts about.
I don’t have a *website*, but I do plan to help orphans through my blog, lay me down. I want to give teens ways to help orphans. And I would like to give them orphans to pray for.
I’m still working out details, but I’m getting there. And soon, there will be ways that you can sign up to pray for orphans too. =)
What You Can Do:
Pray: These prayers for orphans posts haven’t come out yet, and I could use some prayers while choosing the right orphan
Spread the Word: Tell others about Lay Me Down!
Pray Some More: Pray for orphans continuously that they would be adopted. That they would be accepted into a home that loves them—even if they have disabilities. Pray that the adopting system will grow to become faster in the nearby future!
Join Us: Come join in on the prayer posts when they start coming out!

I would like to thank Elisabeth so much for having me. =) I love to read about what she is doing! It’s so amazing! =)

Abrielle Lindsay Seattle (or TW Wright) is the eldest of six children. Her favorite things are her Savior, family, precious dog, a documents filled with words, a book to curl up with, a blank blog post, or a couple good friends that don’t mind her being too awkward. Abrielle Lindsay is a homeschooler living out in Papua, Indonesia. (No, not Papua New Guniea.) 

Oh, and she wanted me to add that she is making friendship bracelets and selling them to raise money for a local orphanage, which is totally awesome! :D


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    1. I'm sorry, I meant to email you when I posted it but I guess I forgot. :P
      Thank you for doing the post! :)