Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MMC (3/3/14)
So here's this week's MMC entry based on the picture that is pictured below. Isn't it cute? :)
She told the seashell her story, whispering every secret her memories held. Then she laid that shell at the ocean's edge and watched the tide pick it up and bring it out to sea. Hopefully, the mermaids will get her message. -- Love this

       Aria gazed at the awe-inspiring ocean as she stood on the sandy beach. After a minute she knelt down and picked up a small shell and peered at it curiously. To her astonishment, it trembled in her hand and a tiny head popped out with beady eyes staring back at her. Shrieking with fright, she dropped it and scuttled back, staring at it with widened eyes. It retreated into its shell as it fell, making Aria anxious that she had hurt it. Gently cradling it in her hand she looked at it closely. Ducking her head bashfully, she lisped an apology which the creature seemed to accept willingly. It poked its little legs out and crawled on her hands to her delight.
The moments went by too fast and before she knew it, it was time to go. Setting the little guy on the beach she started to walk away and noticed that he was crawling to the ocean. Aria was alarmed because she thought he would drown. She turned him around coaxingly, but it didn’t work. He always turned back to the sea. Her eyes filled with tears since she was supposed to be leaving but she couldn't bring herself to leave and let it die. 
Her mother came to bring her home, but when she saw Aria's tears, she didn’t hesitate. Holding her little one tightly, she listened to the story with sympathy and solemnity.
"Aria," she explained gently. "He’s a baby sea turtle. They live in the ocean."
Aria looked up at her. "Like mermaids?"
"Yep, like mermaids. It's okay if he wants to go in there because he can swim. Don’t worry about him; he'll be fine."
Aria smiled at her mother and together they released the turtle that streaked for the sea. They watched him swim away into the sunset before heading home hand in hand.