Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MMC (3/25/14)

The one thing that was destroying me was the very thing I couldn't seem to let go of. This must be how Frodo felt when he had to take the Ring to Mt. Doom to destroy it, although he had volunteered to take it. I had no choice. The ring that I carried had been forced upon me and I couldn’t let it go.
Shivering, I slid to the muddy ground and hugged my knees to my chest. I wondered wearily how much longer I could stand this. Perhaps death will come and take me, I thought hopefully. The thought of Heaven was made even sweeter because of the horrible things I had endured in the last year.
I shuddered as the memories cascaded in: Lena… the concentration camp… the gentle guard who had helped me escape and the fears and nightmares that were no longer mere dreams.
Overwhelmed, I started to cry and the sobs that wracked my body felt so good. It was so good to finally let it out; I had bottled it up for so long and pretended it wasn’t there. But it was. God was the only one that knew it.
Wiping away my tears, I felt the cold touch of metal on my cheek and I gazed with deep hatred at the object that had caused me so much pain. Who knew that a ring could cause me such heartache? The man that had tried to force me to marry him had not succeeded, but he had left his mark. The ring was so tight, I couldn’t take it off.
Breathing a prayer for strength, I lifted my eyes to the west. No, I couldn’t die. I had to go back and rescue Lena and God willing, we’ll both be alright in the end.

Hope y'all like it! :D

(I know, mine are like ALWAYS sad, next week I'll try to make it happy. :)