Monday, March 10, 2014

MMC (3/10/14)

Here ya go guys! I could have written a whole story about this. :D

The noise woke me up right after I'd drifted off to sleep. I shook myself vigorously, blinking my eyes and squinting in the dark night. Tailing my older brother in the dark was going to be harder than I had previously thought. Stretching quietly, I peered blearily into the blackness of midnight in Mirkwood. There really wasn’t much to see. He had probably gotten far ahead of me when I had dozed off. I berated myself furiously as I tried to find his trail. I can do this, I thought uneasily. I am an Elf, and what is more, a high Elf. If I can shoot an apple 50 yards away and can keep people from seeing me when I am right in front of them, I can do this.
Still unconvinced, I looked furtively for my brother’s tracks. Why, oh why did he have to be so good at doing things like this? I remembered our last conversation; he being exceedingly stubborn, and I being even more so. 
“Eliann, you can’t come with me.” I could still hear his voice in my head.
Why won’t you let me come? I can take care of myself. You wouldn’t have to worry about me!” I winced remembering my impatient tone, but it was his fault. He wouldn’t let me come with him to see what these strangers are doing in Mirkwood. He didn’t want the responsibility because he knew that Father would blame him if anything happened to me. He didn’t want me there because he didn’t want to have to watch me and make sure I was alright. I snorted, breaking the silence. If he thought I was going to stay at home, well, he was wrong. Legolas would have to realize that I wasn’t a little girl anymore.

Hope you like it! :)