Saturday, March 1, 2014

MMC (1/27/14)

Again, due to the request from my friend, TW Wright from Indonesia Around Me, I have made an ending for one of my stories. This one won a writing contest. :)

Every minute that passed was one minute closer to my worst nightmare. I struggled with the fears that threatened to strangle me and breathed deeply several times, willing myself to calm down and think. It was now or never, and it if was never, I could die. There was a window three feet above me and it was my only hope. I struggled to climb up the steep wall without hurting my throbbing swollen arm. Just as I sat on the windowsill and started to make my way out, I heard something behind me. I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing, hoping it wasn't who it had to be. "Trying to escape, are we?" a cold voice said quietly, sending chills up my spine. Veldi stepped into the room, his cold eyes emotionless as always. Veldi's best advantage over me was probably that he knew everything about me while I knew nothing of him, save that he was not afraid to hurt me. There was nothing I could do against him, so why was he afraid? Did he know something about me that even I did not know? Instantly, my fear was turned into anger and pain and I twisted around to look at him. "Why do you hate me so? Why can't you leave me be?" I exclaimed furiously with tears welling up in my eyes. "I'm afraid that would be impossible, my dear," he replied coolly. I shuddered at the latter part of his statement. Then his words began to sink in and dread descended into my heart. What did he mean? Was I going to be stuck in this cold and filthy hole forever? Why was he so afraid?

Here's the ending...
"You see,” he began, staring at me so forcefully that after a few seconds I had to look away. "You are, shall we say, different than the other ones.”
I turned to him with hatred in my eyes; he always referred to my family as the ‘other ones’. Before I could snap back at him with something witty, he continued.
“For quite a while I wasn’t sure what to make of you. You always had something about you that no one else did.” He paused and I thought, ‘How long has he been watching me? How did he know me in the first place?’ I glanced around, looking for something to throw at him. What a creep.
Veldi turned to the door, which meant he turned his back on me. Frantically I looked for a rock, but that was hard to do as I was still on the window-ledge. Seeing a piece of tile right outside the window, I grasped it and threw it just as Veldi was turned towards me. He opened his mouth as if to say something sadistic or sarcastic, then noticed the tile right as it smashed into his face.
I took my chance and jumped out the window, which was higher up than I had thought before. Being in a great hurry I started brushing myself off as I ran my hardest, hoping eventually a car would come by and I could get a ride closer to home.

Hope you like it, TW! :)



  1. I LOVED it, Elisabeth!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!! =D You're such a great writer! =)

    1. Thanks! I'm sitting on pins and needles wondering who will be the winner for this next week, LOL.
      Anna and I always check daily and see if there are any more entries. Yeah, we're crazy. :)