Friday, March 7, 2014

A Good Friend

A friend is someone who never leave you, even in times of trouble. A friend is a person that cares about you, both spiritually and mentally. A friend is someone you can talk to, when you have no where else to go.
Are you being a good friend to other people? I've heard some girls act like they're best buddies with a girl, and then when she leaves the room, gossips about her and mocks her to no end. Girls that say they're your BFF and that they'll be there for you, but then when trouble comes your way, they run as fast as they can the other way. It's happened to me before and I'm sure you've had some friend problems before, too. Does that mean we never trust anyone? No; but it does mean you need to pick your friends carefully. Now that does not mean if a lonely girl comes up to you, asking for a friend, you say "I'll think about it." No way! We need to befriend lost and lonely people. Now when I say lost, I mean people who are not saved. What I mean by that is that we should love the sinners and hate the sins. That's what Jesus did and we are supposed to be like Him; that does NOT mean that we can join in when they're doing something wrong (if that's what you think, you need to watch Rack, Shack and Benny again). If they are doing something wrong, walk away and tell them you are not going to be a part of it. Ask them if you could just do something else. Oh, and another point I make: they cannot MAKE you do something wrong. That's the excuse my little siblings use ALL THE TIME. "But, Mom, it's not my fault. She MADE me do it."
If your friends are trying to convince you to do wrong a lot, maybe you should just find new friends. People who will care about you and love you. The Bible says that "A good friend is like a brother", and I don't know about your brothers, but Isaiah and Josiah do a LOT of stuff together. Although a brother or a sister may annoy you sometimes, you still love them, right?
You can look up the word 'friend' in your Bible. I do it on my Dad's Kindle; there's a Bible iPhone app. I know because my grandma has it on hers. :)

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