Sunday, February 23, 2014


Here's another entry; I'm using the first one, though. :)

"Anthony! I thought you said we were going to do something fun tonight!" said Derek, who was starting to get irritated with this boring endeavor.
Anthony sneaked a look into the kitchen, then breathed a sigh of relief. Adah had already left to go to the movies with her friends.
"Come on!" he whispered urgently, herding the rest of the group upstairs.
"What's the big deal?" asked Jackson.
Anthony didn't say a word, but kept leading them upstairs; Derek started to walk into Anthony's room, but the rest of the gang kept going, so he left and followed them.
Anthony finally stopped... at Adah's room.
"What! You mean we went to all this trouble just so we could go in your sister's room!?" sputtered Derek.
Anthony just smiled evilly and chuckled to himself. Derek looked like he was about to explode with fury.
"Relax," Anthony said calmly. "Just wait until you hear what I have planned."
As they conspired together in whispers, a sinister smile planted itself on Derek's face, too.
"Anthony, this is the best idea you've ever had!" guffawed Derek as he threw another piece of popcorn in the air to catch it in his mouth.
The boys were sitting in assembled groups around and on Adah's bed, eating popcorn and watching movies on her flat-screen TV.
 "She was always the lucky one," explained Anthony. "She's the oldest, so Mom and Dad always gave her the stuff they were done using, like the old flat-screen TV and the bookshelves and... well, everything." Anthony grinned. "But, since she's gone, I thought we should stay in here and watch stuff on her huge TV."
"This is awesome!" Joseph exclaimed enthusiastically. "I wish we could do this all the time!" So saying, he promptly popped the huge bubble he had blown and pushed it back in his 
mouth. As he leaned back against Adah's dresser, he knocked over some tiny jars of nail polish, which burst from the impact. Jackson laughed at Joseph's face, which was covered in purple and hot pink nail polish and had a look of shock plastered all over it. Jackson dipped his fingers in it, and quickly smeared some more of it on him and Joseph indignantly grabbed some up as best he could and threw it back at him. A big glob of it landed of Adah's red comforter that was draped across the bed. Anthony gaped at it, then turned back to Joseph, dismay written all over his features. He glanced around the room: popcorn kernels sprinkled on the floor, nail polish on the bed and carpet, Joseph's gum which he had removed from his mouth was now stuck tightly to the top of Adah's desk, and one of the pillows that they had used when they were pillow-fighting had burst, leaving feathers flying in the air.
 "Guys," he said softly. Nobody heard him, so he shouted, "Guys! Look at this mess! We've got to clean this up!"
The boys looked up from their thoughts and gazed at the room, from the feathers that had now drifted to the floor, to the nail polish that was drying to the carpet. Derek replied in a low voice, "We shouldn't have come in here. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to be grounded, like, FOREVER."
Sullenly, Jackson started picking up feathers and stuffing them back in the pillow. Joseph began picking the now dry nail polish from the carpet. They succeeded in cleaning up most of their mess when Adah walked in the room, laughing at her friend's corny jokes. She looked at the room and her mouth dropped open with sheer horror. 
"Antho-NY!!!" she shrieked.

I know, it's weird. :) 

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