Monday, February 24, 2014

MMC (2/24/14)


I'm so excited about doing Monday's Minute Challenge (MMC for short) this week! I'm doing the writing prompt based on this song.

I threw myself on my bed, sobbing for what I knew I could not get back. She was gone... forever. I couldn't ever get her back.
The memories came flooding into my mind, causing me to cry even harder: the time she convinced me to jump off the diving board for the first time... the days when we camped on the meadow in midsummer, with the lightning bugs flitting away from our grasp... the times we laughed and cried together...
If only she could cry with me now; right now when I need her most, she's gone. I only wish we hadn't had that argument. Why did I have to be so pushy and quarrelsome? Why didn't I help her when she needed it? Why?
I didn't deserve a friend like her. She was always an angel, while I was just a loud, clumsy, callous fool who recognized too late what truly matters.
I'm so tired of existing; my heart is broken and aching and my life doesn't seem to have any meaning left. I feel old, like I'm weary of life and ready to go home. It's like I'm an old glove that is so worn it's not fit for anything but the trash.
I rolled over onto my stomach and picked up the picture of us off of my bedside table. We were so little then. Gap-toothed grins and muddy clothes, hugging each other like we wouldn't ever let go. Why did she have to leave me here? I don't have anyone else to go to now. 
I cried myself to sleep, exhausted and worn.

OK, this is so weird, but last night I dreamed there was a live MMC and there were three really weird judges (they all had long hair and one of them looked like Legolas! :D) and I got to meet all of the people that participate in MMC. They set a timer for one minute and I wrote the worst story I ever have... it was like three sentences long and it had nothing to do with the writing prompt. :)


  1. LOL.:)

    Cool...and sad but good. :) Good job Elisabeth!


  2. Your dream was weird. ;-)
    Aww that is sad. But you did a great job!

  3. I know, I always have REALLY weird dreams. :)