Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday's Minute Challenge (2/10/14)

 Hi, guys! Here is this week's entry to Tessa Hall's Monday Minute Challenge. I'm going to try to make this one more cheerful than the last one. :D

I always knew my brother was up to no good. Ever since that fateful night several months ago, he has acted stranger and stranger as time goes on. Now he hardly talks to anyone and Mom is getting really worried, as am I. Nobody knows what he's up to except for Paul and he won't tell us anything. That's why tonight I'm following him when he sneaks out; I only hope he won't notice me. Sometimes he flies into a rage over the simplest of mistakes and he seems to be quite mad at other times. 
I squirm uncomfortably as the position I'm in behind this tiny bush is very cramped. It's too bad this is the only spot that you can see the back door while staying hidden. Just as I decide to give up for the night, I hear the slight creak of our back door. My ears prick up attentively because I don't dare to raise my eyes to look over the bush. I hear Kristian mutter under his breath as he stoops over to pick up something; I can't tell what it is. He casts a furtive glance around and then sets out. Excitement coursing through my veins, I stalk him as quietly as I can with my big feet and clumsy, awkward movements. Thankfully, he seems to be fully preoccupied with his own thoughts and I sigh a tiny sigh of relief. After several minutes, he unwittingly leads me into deep into a forest; looking around in amazement, I realize that I have never seen these woods before. They must be very close to the house because it hardly took any time at all to get here. I gasp in wonder as he heads right into a camouflaged cave that was right in front of us all along. Trembling with cold (or was it fear?) I take tiny uncertain steps into a place that I'm not sure I will come back out of. At first I wasn't very worried, but now I'm very unsure of what will happen. These foreboding, unforgiving and cruel woods are making me fearful for myself and for my lost and wandering brother.


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